Looking for a unique gift?
How about our award-winning Monkey Mind Pirates CD-original songs from the world's only Puppet-Rock-Yoga-Opera for families on the quest for calm.

Get a Monkey Mind Pirates Workbook to go along with the CD! 32 pages of fun-filled activities and exercises to help turn your Arghs into Oms and rediscover calm.

On Friday, May 30, A La Carte: In a Fool's Kitchen comes to the Paradise Center for the Arts in Faribault, MN at 7:00PM.

On Saturday, May 31, Z Puppets will perform Monkey Mind Pirates Family Yoga Party at TheOrdway-Flint Hills International Children's Festival in St Paul, MN at 12:35PM.

The Amazing Gnip Gnop Circus is coming to Farimont, MN! Join us at the Fairmont Public Library on Wednesday, June 11 at 1:00PM.